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A Modern Mattress With Full Natural Touch!!

Welcome to Jasmine Mattress. We are proud producer of exotic, natural silk cotton mattress. Silk cotton mattress, commonly known as kapok cotton mattress and also as ILAVAM PANCHU (இலவம்பஞ்சு) in tamil. Why we are so excited to bring you this mattress?

Kapok is a moisture-resistant, quick-drying, resilient, and buoyant fibre. The fibres contain both lignin, a woody plant substance, and cellulose, a carbohydrate. The inelastic fibre, or floss, is too brittle for spinning, but it weighs only one-eighth as much as cotton. 

This mattress is traditional mattress as the fiber is very much good for health unlike the other harmful foams and chemical based mattress. Our Jasmine Mattress is made  tailored to customers satisfaction. So why waiting? Just call now and ask us how our mattress works and other details about buying our product. We will be more than happy to assist you.



The Luxury Mattress

Jasmine mattress is traditional, yet its modern. Its natural, yet its comfortable. Its soft yet its water resistant. The main advantage of our mattress is that it doesn’t absorb heat. So you get good sleep all through the year.

Do you know your relationship and your status can be increased  many fold if you sleep peacefully and comfortably?  Yes, when your brain is freshened the most, who do you think the benefit will be gone to? Its you our beloved customers. We give 10 years of warranty, cause we are confident about our skills. 35+ Years of experience delivered to provide the best natural mattress in the world


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Custom Natural Mattress

I was having constant backpain and sleepless night in my high paid mattress. I was suggested about Jasmine mattress from my relative. I was happy that I am able to sleep well and now i dont have any backpain.



Quality assurance

Silk cotton fibers

We Buy directly from farmers, as we want to provide the highest quality fiber wool to the customers

Fiber treatment

The fiber are checked for impurities and other materials. Then the fibers are thoroughly beaten to get its maximum benefit 

Fiber stuffing

These pure fibers are then used to stuff the mattress. Since we use only silk cotton, we cant to give 100% trust to the customer.

Mattress clothes

We use 100% cotton for most of our mattress. Only few mattress are covered with 95% cotton

Needle & Thread

We use First quality needle and Thread to make sure that our customer get the best of the best

Stitching Quality

We stictch using the latest motor sewing machine, which provides top-notch stictching exerience

Quality Check

We check the mattress is finest before we are desptching the goods. Because our customers are the most important for Jasmine mattress


At Jasmine Mattress we do double cover the mattress so it will be safe from moisture, dust and wear and tear from transport.

Transporting Safely

We have tied up with many top transport companies so that wherever you are in the world, we make sure that you recieve our Natural Mattress the way you expect.

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