About Us

Welcome to Jasmine Mattress. We are a 35+ Year Natural Kapok/silk cotton/ ilavam panchu mattress. Thanks for visiting our site. We take pride in providing you with 100% pure silk cotton mattress. You can take your time to visit our different mattress, and get an idea of our mattress. We do custom mattress according to your need. You can specify the type and we will provide you with nature’s best mattress in the world. So why waiting? Contact us now and get the best quote.

About Us

We Are a Modern Natural Mattress Company

We are 35 year old experienced silk cotton mattress manufacturer. Guess what made us the pioneer in this company? Come hear us out


Our Story & Mission

During early 70’s there was recession and at that time,all permanent workers were asked to either relieve their duty, get their PF amount. Or they can continue working with half of the salary that they were receiving at that time. So with half salary I wont be able to run my family. So I quit the job and was trying to start a business. As I studied the market, I can see that there was a good demand for silk cotton. So I started silk cotton wholesale business. After some years I was able to see that the mattress rates are very high eventhought the silk cotton was less. So I started this mattress company to make sure that I will be able to provide customers with the best quality silk cotton mattress at affordabe Price.

Where are we located?

We are from a village named sundharanatchiyaarpuram, which is near to Rajapalayam.

How do we manufacture mattress

We first procure silk cotton with the shell. It is then sun-dried to remove moisture and the cotton is separated from the shells. This cotton is then with the help of a machine is separated from seeds and dirt. This cleanest form of cotton is then used to stuff mattress and pillows

How long will the mattress last

This is nature’s gift. And with good caring, our mattress can last up to 10+ years minimum.

Most Trusted Brand

There may be many brands with memory foam, rubber, and so on, but when it comes to natural silk cotton we are the coolest and pioneer in this industry.


Once you order your mattress we find the best shipping method and also the one which is very cost effective as well.

100% Pure silk cotton

We provide you with 100% Natural silk cotton. You can feel assured as no other normal cotton or foam will be used.

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